Essential parts for CNC Routers, CNC Machines

The essential parts for CNC Routers are:

  1. Motors for all axis: X, Y, Z, A, B
  2. Drives for motor
  3. Controller to control drive
  4. Linear rail and block for all axis: X, Y, Z, to make them go in linear
  5. Rack and Pinon, ballscrew or belt for movement
  6. Gearbox
  7. Spindle
  8. Inverter
  9. Power supply
  10. Switches
  11. Cable and wire
  12. Accessories: Screw, Cabinet, Cover, fanThis price depending on how fast, how strong and how precision you need. Selecting the parts are very essential thing to make good machine. Good machine can make a lot of excellent product out in high quality and fast production. Normally the higher price of the parts you pay, the higher the quality you will receive. Assembling is also the critical to the machine builder for making excellent CNC machines. Many use high quality parts but have little knowledge in assembling, then the finished machine can also be ineffective machine. Therefore knowledge plus effective budget can only make excellent machine.
  13. We will go in more detail on each parts. Each part can be inexpensive to very expensive price.
    CNC Router Essential parts
    CNC Router Essential parts

    Fig1: Servo Motor & Drive


    Fig2: Linear rail and linear block

    Fig3: Reduction gear-belt for CNC Routers

    Fig4: Spindle motor, high speed 24,000rpm for CNC Router XJ Series

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