Adjust the laser for CO2

Normally laser CO2 has 3 lens. In order to adjust the laser beam the 3 lens must be alighted to the tip of nozzle.

You can see the below picture. If you stick the tape on it and shoot at the tape, the laser should hit the middle of the nozzle. If it doesn’t hit the nozzle on every corner, then the lens must be adjust.

Please understand the laser path and shoot in middle of it. There are 3 mirror, 1 focus len (number 5)






  1. Adjust from laser tube to make sure it hit the first lens at the middle.
  2. Then adjust the 2nd lens to hit the 3rd lens at the middle. Move the Y axis to the closest from lens 3 to lens 2, then hit laser power. Make sure it hit at the middle at the closest distance. Then move it far distance and hit again, adjust, so both closest distance and farest distance hit the lens 3 at the middle.
  3. Lens 4  should do the same thing. First move the lens 4 to the nearest lens 3 and hit the power, then move the farest distance and hit the power again, make sure it hit at the middle.
  4. Once you get all 3 lens hitting at the middle. Now you can adjust the focus lens. You can put the tape on at the bottom of nozzle, then hit power, make sure the laser beam hit the middle of circle. When you put the tape, it should have the mark of the nozzle, you can adjust the lens so it hit at the middle.
  5. Then you’re all set for adjusting all 4 lens

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