Excellent Linear Block – Linear Rail installation using flank

Learning about good linear rail and how to install it well.

Many people are using linear rail but many don’t know how to apply good strong rigid linear rail. If you can we suggest you to use linear rail with flank (with the wing).

Why the flank of linear rail is important? It’s all about the screw in. When screw in, the regular linear block (without flank), maybe it’s only haft way in, lose and maybe have a gap inside. And it’s only tight at the bottom, one side. Therefore, the regular linear block maybe lose step and can also miss the position. The linear block with flank is opposite. The screw can go all the way into the other side of linear block creating more rigid and strong. The screw is on top fix, in middle strong and on the bottom fix. They are fixed all 3 sides making a very rigidity. Also, if it’s tighten with nut on the other end, it will create a lot of rigidity and strong to use the system. You can see the picture below:

Linear Block with Flank Stable


CNC Router tool changer
CNC Router Tool Changer with flank block
Linear rail block great one

Again, if have chance, please use the linear rail with flank. It’s much stronger for better force, better push for your machine.

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