NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller

NC Studio
NC Studio Advantage:

  1. Stable, control spindle is very stable
  2. Easy to use, straight forward
  3. Get the work done without hanging

Disadvantage on NC studio

  1. Must use Window XP or Window 7 with 32 bit
  2. Only have Metric (mm)
  3. Not much to upgrade


Mach 3 Advantage:

  1. Have both Metric and English unit
  2. Can use Win XP, 7, 8, 10 and so
  3. A lot of features
  4. Have many axises

Disadvantage on Mach3

  1. Not stable, both in controller, computer and control inverter
  2. Sometimes, too many features
  3. Again, it can hang during operation.
NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller
NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller


Personally, if you can use NC studio, we recommend you to use NC studio better due to the stability. If there’s no stability, it’s all no use. Mach3 has a lot of nice features, but really sometime it’s just not stable.  


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