How to make big sign by CNC Router

To make the big sign, there are several ways. First step we have to make the drawing. There are also many software can do the drawings for example, Auto Cad, Corel Draw, 3D mac, Solid works and many more. These example we will use Corel Draw to make the sign. Then we will use ArtCam to generate tooth-path and g-code. Then we use CNC router to cut all the letter. Please visit our website for more information about CNC router.
You can Youtube video here how we generate draw, generate g-codes, cut and stick here:

Again we use:
1. Corel Draw to make drawing
2. ArtCam to make toolpath. Also ArtCam can also do nesting to SAVE A LOT of material.
3. Use CNC Router by to cut
4. A lot of Super Glue to stick on it

CNC Router Advertise Sign
CNC Router by

You can see we used a lot of supper glue to make the sign. We actually bought all the supper glue in the mini mart. We enjoy every moment to make this Automation Maker sign.
The back is using acrylic, the font is using orange and black PP plastic.

ArtCam use to make sign
ArtCam use to make sign

Here is more information about this cool Nesting feature. When you use Artcam, you can use the “nesting” feature, so you can save a lot of material. You can see from the picture, the AutomationMaker becomes using very little space to cut.

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