How to make a good vacuum table for CNC Router

In order to have a good vacuum table, the structure of the table must be strong and rigid. It starts from the good welding of the structure of the machine. If the structure is not strong, the table can be bent. How will ​it be bent? You have to know that the vacuum must be used at least 5.5KW. It has a lot of force to pull down the table. Every minutes is pulling down, the table will be bent. Once the table is bent the CNC router’s table can be no longer use. Every alignment will be unaligned. So please make sure to make the structure strong and rigid at the bottom and legs.

You can see the right structure, it’s very strong and rigid. The left picture is welded for only normal CNC router. If you use the right structure, within 2 months, the machine will be no longer in use.
The left structure is perfect for the vacuum table for CNC router. It has a lot of beams to support the down forces of the vacuum’s forces. The down forces has a lot of forces. Therefore the structure must be welded well to support all these vacuum forces.

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