5 Axis CNC Router Excellent for Wood Model Cutting

Turn $5 wood into $500 wood with this new 5 Axis CNC Router.
It’s very excellent for Wood engraving 3D.

You can the youtube video here for cutting the monkey king.
We can train you the program and everything how to cut. For more information please visit http://www.salecnc.com


Some Calculation for your profit on the investment

This machine is only $18000.-
If you can sell a model for example $200 each (minimum) , all you need is just 90 models to get the cost of this machine. Of course, many model you can sell much more.

This engrave Monkey King takes only 3 Hr. If you let the machine work 16 hr per day, you can make 5 models per day, which equals to 5x$200= $1,000 per day, which means 18 days, you can earn back the cost of the machine.


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