The History of CNC Router

Numerical Control was first developed in the late 1940’s and the early 1950’s by John T. Parsons along with Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It was built to assist in the post war manufacturing effort. From there, aircraft parts were becoming more complicated and needed a level of accuracy, which human operators couldn’t achieve.

At the beginning, machines were hard-wired, and soon instructions were provided through the punched tape in 1952. After five years, NC machines were being set up in metal working production settings all over the US. In the middle of 1960s, the NC technology was serving a dominant role across the industry.

In 1980, the majority of machine programs were stored on an aluminum tape or punched paper. From the 1970s to 1980s, the development of microprocessor technology has made it possible for a computer to be linked to NC machines with the help of cables, which leads to the term CNC.

Basically, numerical control is a method for controlling machines instead of a particular kind of machine. CNC machines were built for a machining metal. They were adapted for other industries like plastics, foam, fabric, and wood just to name a few. All of those machines have featured in common that includes machine tool, controller, program (instructions).

On the other hand, wood routers are different from their metalworking cousins because they aren’t subjected to the same forces of vibration and load. Furthermore, they spin a lot faster, around 24000 rpm and have bigger work tables; around 5’x20. Another difference is that they don’t need the same level of precision. Metalworking applications normally need much greater accuracy and tighter tolerances compared to machining wood.

In 1968, Mr. Isao Shoda states to have created the very first NC router in the globe and he displayed it the International Osaka Fair. Moreover, in the beginning of 1970s, the rise of the first CNC showed in the aerospace industry. In the late of 1970s, NC drilling machines were the very first to show in the wood industry. CNC routers were utilized by the aerospace industry to cut complicated patterns out of pieces of aluminum. Boling the aluminum sheet to its table surface was a long process.

In the early 1980s, the expert engineers at Thermwood came up with the concept to draw air via the big butcher blocks created of Balsa wood. Given that Balsa woods enables air to pass freely through the end grain, they were able to add a high flow vacuum to grasp the aluminum sheets down devoid of the help of a mechanical fastener.

Nowadays, CNC machines are an omnipresent part of the entire manufacturing process. Improved performance and new functionality are being established each day that will offer CNC an ever increasing responsibility for the success of the industry.

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Linear actuator square rail

To make a good system, linear actuator is one of the most important part in the system. There are many linear actuator out there. You can see this:

X, Y, Z axis are all using the linear actuator. This one:

Inside the linear block has many ball inside. The good quality ball inside must have a good hardest and all the size are even. The ball inside are easily fall out of the linear block is off rail. So when to change the block, please change carefully.

The above is the data of the common use for linear actuator (linear square rail).


Introducing CNC Welding Machine by Teaching mode

This welding machine is using teaching mode. It’s very easy to use, tell them from point to point and record for linear welding line. It can do arc or circle by teaching 3 points mode. Every 3 points can make an arc or full circle, the controller will automatically make per your needs. It’s super easy to use machine:

After you teach once, you can save and do thousands of thousands times per your needs.

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Essential parts for CNC Routers, CNC Machines

The essential parts for CNC Routers are:

  1. Motors for all axis: X, Y, Z, A, B
  2. Drives for motor
  3. Controller to control drive
  4. Linear rail and block for all axis: X, Y, Z, to make them go in linear
  5. Rack and Pinon, ballscrew or belt for movement
  6. Gearbox
  7. Spindle
  8. Inverter
  9. Power supply
  10. Switches
  11. Cable and wire
  12. Accessories: Screw, Cabinet, Cover, fanThis price depending on how fast, how strong and how precision you need. Selecting the parts are very essential thing to make good machine. Good machine can make a lot of excellent product out in high quality and fast production. Normally the higher price of the parts you pay, the higher the quality you will receive. Assembling is also the critical to the machine builder for making excellent CNC machines. Many use high quality parts but have little knowledge in assembling, then the finished machine can also be ineffective machine. Therefore knowledge plus effective budget can only make excellent machine.
  13. We will go in more detail on each parts. Each part can be inexpensive to very expensive price.
    CNC Router Essential parts
    CNC Router Essential parts

    Fig1: Servo Motor & Drive


    Fig2: Linear rail and linear block

    Fig3: Reduction gear-belt for CNC Routers

    Fig4: Spindle motor, high speed 24,000rpm for CNC Router XJ Series

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Best CNC Router Blue King- Strongest Router Ever Built, Built for last

How to make the Best CNC Router?

This is an example how to make the best CNC Router 1300x2500x200
This machine is actually 3ton. It’s the best machine we ever built for aluminum, wood, plastic and soft material to process with 8 tool changer.
It’s super strong machine, precision and fast. To make this machine, the maker have to put a lot of minds and hearts into it. Please see below:We will begin with the base structure:

Strong Body for CNC Router Milling Machine

CNC Router’s Linear Rail

The base structure have to weld very rigid and use a lot of metal. Very thick and strong metal have to be carefully selected. The painting is also important. We have to paint 3-5 times to prevent from rust and mold.

Flange linear rail, linear block with servo motor connection

Using 35mm with flank for Y linear rail. And using 3 linear rails for X axis for more stability.
With flank linear blocks give 2 times more stronger and rigidity. Its super IMPORTANT to use flank linear rail. Because if the regular linear rail, the nut inside maybe slide and cause the precision. If you flank linear rail, the inside nut are strong, and double lock again at the other end to make it even much stronger. Again, very important to use this flank linear rail.

CNC Router Blue King
CNC Router Blue King is using industrial controller which can protect the dust, oil, vibration and so. 

CNC Controller

No. 1 CNC Router 2017
No. 1 CNC Router 2017
Model BK1325
Working/ Traveling Area 1300x2500x200mm
Spindle Motor 9.0KW spindle, ISO30, Tool Changer
Motor Drive Servo System for All Axis
Controller Taiwan LNC
Resolution 0.01mm
Max Engraving Speed 30,000mm/min
Rotating Speed of Spindle 24,000rpm
Engraving Tools ISO30
Frame Cast iron
Controlling Code Standard G code / M code
Operating Voltage 220V or 380V per customer’s request
Softwares Included CAD/CAM softwares
Accessories Dust Collector, Tool Holders, Water Cooling, Manual and many more
Operating Voltage 220V or 380V per customer’s request
Machine size 2.0×3.5×1.7 meter
Machine Weight 3500kg

Main Spindle
8 tool changers, with 9KW fast spindle – air cooling

Tool Changer with 9KW spindle
Tool Changer with 9KW spindle

The man spindle is using 9KW strong tool changer. The bigger spindle, the more powerful the machine is. Then the structure also have to be very strong to withhold

Strong Body for CNC Router Milling Machine

CNC Router Structure


3 linear rail support for rigidity, strong body
3 linear rail support for rigidity, strong body

It’s the best cut that we ever made. Because the stability of the machine, so the edge cut is very perfect, very beautiful. If the machine is not stable enough, it cannot make this kind of perfect cut. It cannot even see the tool lines of the cut on the material.

Perfect cut, clear cut, thick Acrylic plastic
Perfect cut, clear cut, thick Acrylic plastic

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CNC Laser 6 Axis Cut Plastic

This is 6 axis CNC Laser can cut plastic. It can cut all 6 sides per your needs.

This is 6 axis CNC Laser CO2. For more information please email

Adjust the laser for CO2

Adjust laser beam

Normally laser CO2 has 3 lens. In order to adjust the laser beam the 3 lens must be alighted to the tip of nozzle.

You can see the below picture. If you stick the tape on it and shoot at the tape, the laser should hit the middle of the nozzle. If it doesn’t hit the nozzle on every corner, then the lens must be adjust.

Please understand the laser path and shoot in middle of it. There are 3 mirror, 1 focus len (number 5)






  1. Adjust from laser tube to make sure it hit the first lens at the middle.
  2. Then adjust the 2nd lens to hit the 3rd lens at the middle. Move the Y axis to the closest from lens 3 to lens 2, then hit laser power. Make sure it hit at the middle at the closest distance. Then move it far distance and hit again, adjust, so both closest distance and farest distance hit the lens 3 at the middle.
  3. Lens 4  should do the same thing. First move the lens 4 to the nearest lens 3 and hit the power, then move the farest distance and hit the power again, make sure it hit at the middle.
  4. Once you get all 3 lens hitting at the middle. Now you can adjust the focus lens. You can put the tape on at the bottom of nozzle, then hit power, make sure the laser beam hit the middle of circle. When you put the tape, it should have the mark of the nozzle, you can adjust the lens so it hit at the middle.
  5. Then you’re all set for adjusting all 4 lens

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Excellent Linear Block – Linear Rail installation using flank

Learning about good linear rail and how to install it well.

Many people are using linear rail but many don’t know how to apply good strong rigid linear rail. If you can we suggest you to use linear rail with flank (with the wing).

Why the flank of linear rail is important? It’s all about the screw in. When screw in, the regular linear block (without flank), maybe it’s only haft way in, lose and maybe have a gap inside. And it’s only tight at the bottom, one side. Therefore, the regular linear block maybe lose step and can also miss the position. The linear block with flank is opposite. The screw can go all the way into the other side of linear block creating more rigid and strong. The screw is on top fix, in middle strong and on the bottom fix. They are fixed all 3 sides making a very rigidity. Also, if it’s tighten with nut on the other end, it will create a lot of rigidity and strong to use the system. You can see the picture below:

Linear Block with Flank Stable


CNC Router tool changer
CNC Router Tool Changer with flank block
Linear rail block great one

Again, if have chance, please use the linear rail with flank. It’s much stronger for better force, better push for your machine.

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NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller

NC Studio
NC Studio Advantage:

  1. Stable, control spindle is very stable
  2. Easy to use, straight forward
  3. Get the work done without hanging

Disadvantage on NC studio

  1. Must use Window XP or Window 7 with 32 bit
  2. Only have Metric (mm)
  3. Not much to upgrade


Mach 3 Advantage:

  1. Have both Metric and English unit
  2. Can use Win XP, 7, 8, 10 and so
  3. A lot of features
  4. Have many axises

Disadvantage on Mach3

  1. Not stable, both in controller, computer and control inverter
  2. Sometimes, too many features
  3. Again, it can hang during operation.
NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller
NC Studio Vs. Mach 3 Controller


Personally, if you can use NC studio, we recommend you to use NC studio better due to the stability. If there’s no stability, it’s all no use. Mach3 has a lot of nice features, but really sometime it’s just not stable.  


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